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This 100% Grenache is loaded with character from its lush fruit, blackberries, blueberries, and hints of cedar and tobacco aromas.  It opens with deeper hints of chocolate, ripe cherries and caramel.  This juicy Grenache is textured, full-bodied and beautiful

Rating: 90
Year: 2009 ... more

This Rose from the south of France has elegant flavors with a touch of brightness. Ripe red fruits, refreshing acidity and a clean finish all work to deliver a superb summer quaff. ... more

Big, beautiful red berry fruit aromas jump out of the glass and carry across the full palate.  The acidity is nicely balanced.  The finish of ripe tannins and toasty oak add layer upon layer to an extended and rounded finish.  Absolutely delicious wine.

Year: 2010

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Vibrant, clean and dry with a classic light pink color.  Generous nose of wild strawberries.  Refreshing and smooth on the palate showing lovely red fruits and a nice long finish. ... more

Aromas of raspberries and dark chocolate intertwined with vanilla and oak nuances greet the nose.  The wine gives over to a soft mid-palate of dark raspberries and cherry with a very pleasant finish of soft tannins and extended fruit flavors.

Year: 2009

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A very dry, elegant pink with a delicate strawberry tang and a refreshing lift of lemon.  Juicy, fresh crisp and clean.

Pair with: This is a wine for seafood especially Prawns.
Year: 2011

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