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This un-oaked Italian red is just the ticket for an everyday wine.  Beautiful fruit aromas and flavors greet you on first sip.  the acidity is balanced perfectly for pairing with a variety of foods or as a pre-meal sipper.  An easily likable quaff.

Salute d'Italia! ... more

Aromas of dark berries, cherry and spice greet the nose.  On the palate the wine offers dark cherry flavors with absolutely no hard edges.  The finish is nicely long with the berry and cherry flavors carrying over.

Year: 2011 ... more

Aromas of dark fruits... blueberries, black cherry and blackberries are bordered by light touches of vanilla.  the fruit carries across the palate and into the finish with the vanilla expressing itself on a nice clean finish.

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The wine offers rich notes of black cherry, raspberry and plum.  I encounter across the mid-palate hints of tobacco and earthy spice.  The tannins are light but firm giving the wine grip.  The finish is pleasant and completely in balance with spicy, peppery and bright fruit components. ... more

(Very deep red cherry color)

Aromas of raspberry and cherry with slights hints of tobacco.  This is a big, bold and nicely spiced win across the palate.  The wine finishes beautifully with traces of smoke, tobacco and chocolate.

Pairing: Got BBQ Anyone!
Year: 2010 ... more

aged in both stainless steel and natural fresh oak, this amazing wine offers aromas of jammy black cherries and raspberry with hints of minerality.  As it hits the palate, a full-bodied, voluptuous texture takes hold and flavors of raspberries and black currants wash the palate.  From first sip to last, an unbelievable wine.

Rating: 92 ... more

Gold color with bright intensity.  The wine jumps from the glass with aromas of peach, apricot and tropical fruits.  The Palate is treated to a clean crisp and harmonious freshness.  The finish is complex with melon undertones. ... more

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